Making A Difference

A talk and a slideshow that I heard recently made a huge difference in my mind. Living in America the way I do I forget that other places struggle with extreme poverty. The church I belong to is proving to be a very kind and understanding place. I can be myself without fear of being … Continue reading Making A Difference


Opinion by definition is "a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge". [Oxford Languages & Google] When I think about the word abortion I equal abortion to an opinion. What happened on January 22nd 1973 was an opinion. Through Roe V Wade the unborn child was reduced to a … Continue reading Opinion


Did you know that blame spelled backwards is an acronym for Emergency Medical Assistant Licensing Board in British Columbia?...There is a song in Russian that sings "Алексей Глызин Ты не ангел"...Alexey Glyzin You are not an angel...You're no angel and don't blame me...I include this song out of Russia because it is very poignant...Many of … Continue reading Blame


God - The Greatest Grand Master is a song I am writing describing the omnipotence and power of God...When mankind plays with magic(k). They play with fire and know not the damage they do...I hope you enjoy my latest song titled God... GOD I am the great I am I am the greatest grand master … Continue reading God


Allen is a song I am writing about the terrible tragic shooting that just took place in Allen Texas...Texas is rife with random acts of violence and this must be stopped. The time has come to remove guns from the public at large. I am from Ireland and where I come from guns are not … Continue reading Allen