Fr. O’Reilly’s Nachos

I just had to share with my blogosphere world what Fr. O'Reilly's Nachos look like...I discovered this very cute cafe called Saints and Sinners Cafe...Click on the hyperlink'd words to discover this cafe...It has tons of character...I even found a local review of this Cafe which I am sharing here with this post... ...Fr. … Continue reading Fr. O’Reilly’s Nachos

All Things Nice

I find inspiration to write songs from other artists and from living my daily life...I recently encountered a cute cafe called Saints and Sinners...This place has a ton of character and I truly enjoyed their menu...I had to order Father O'Reilly's Nachos it sounds so wrong it was oh so right...It was delicious a unique … Continue reading All Things Nice


The featured image I choose for this post which is a song I am writing titled Insomnia is of myself with my hair combed in front of my face...Many people struggle with Insomnia and for many it is often difficult to slow our minds down long enough to get good rest...Learning to meditate has helped … Continue reading Insomnia


I decided to use my blog as a creative tool for songwriting...I enjoy writing and lately I have been enjoying writing songs my latest song is titled Orla...Here goes... Órla Our love is Órla our love is strong our love is Órla now that we get along Órla is Gaelic beautiful and pure Órla is … Continue reading Órla


For many of us myself included change comes slow...I realized I needed to change for the better and so I embarked on a journey of change...I pulled blog posts that I felt were attacking others such as my sister with whom I was very angry for many years...I am discovering that by slowing down I … Continue reading Change