The Price of Nice

I wonder if Jesus Christ came to earth again as a middle aged single mother. How would he be treated? I ask this question because we all experience hate in various forms. I would like to share with the world my most recent experience with what I call false nice. The ones being nice have no idea they seem false. I recently studied The Four Agreements and have decided not to take things personally. I also studied The Fifth Agreement which teaches us to listen not just to words being spoken but to the tone the intention behind the words. A church I was a part of for some time invited me to return so I decided to give it another go and return. The people are very nice but their version of nice comes at a price. I was very blessed recently. They took some furniture that I needed to get rid of and replaced the items with a very nice dresser and table and chairs. I feel very good about this exchange and I did donate whatever cash I had on hand at the time. I do not deal with much money because like many others today I live on a strict budget. From the perspective of Jesus Christ who is a great Master and whose Biblical Teachings are very enlightening. I would say today was a failure-success. I say both because I succeeded in my task which was to stop by and purchase some inexpensive items. I was told that I could stop by their church any time today. They have a garage sale going on. I received a call from a friend who attends this church at 6:20 am this morning. It was very early. I usually text people early in the morning leaving it up to them to call. She thought it was okay to disturb my early morning with a ridiculously early phone call. It is because it is all about her and not about others in her life. In her mind the call could not wait until 8 am or 9 am or after. She told me to stop by to purchase some inexpensive clothing. I decided to stop by and I thought I was among friends however the exchange was very awkward. I asked my friend who had called me so early if she would be able to give me a ride home because I do not have a car. I cannot afford a car on my strict budget. She complained that she would be there all day through the evening and was not open to giving me a ride home. If that was Jesus I would say he would be disappointed. I was thirsty and not one of these offered me a cup of water or a way to obtain a drink of water. Tap water would have been fine. I was a little hungry and again no hospitality no food or the option to get food was offered. I was able to purchase an inexpensive top and a piece of cake which was very tasty to help my hunger. I was not starving but it was around lunch time and I was in need of a snack. A man whom I barely know approached me. I really do not know these people very well. They function very much like a clique and they stick to themselves. This man approached me and said “so you came here to look for more stuff.” Not his exact words I was very put off by his approach. His look was not friendly his tone though calm was not nice. I was taken aback by this man so I simply matched his eye contact and said nothing. I had nothing to say to him. He proceeded to tell me that he was one of the men who helped me with the dresser the other day. He seemed angry that I did not recognize him and perhaps in his mind the price of his nice would have been a thank you. I already thanked him very much the day they brought the dresser. I was not sure what to make of what he was doing at that moment. His partner was standing next to him and I have seen her on Sundays she does not seem to be a very happy person. She proceeded to speak to me because throughout this exchange I was silent I let them speak to me. She told me she was going to a social event after the garage sale. She then gave me a very rude smug look that suggested that I had no plans but she had plans so there. That kind of look. Very childish and very rude. I said to her I understand you have a son. She rolled her eyes and lifted her chin and stared at the sky and said that he is not their son but their adopted son who stays with them until “he gets too annoying to live with then we will put him out.” Not an exact quote but that was the message. She proceeded to say “he is very quiet”. I feel bad for that young man who seems to be very nice. I wonder if he has any idea what kind of anger he is dealing with in this couple who were not nice to me. All I said was that I was told to stop by so I stopped by. The man proceeded to explain that on Sundays he is upstairs not downstairs. I am not sure what they were trying to accomplish in that exchange. To say the least it was very awkward. I was not going there to look for more stuff. I was told by the two men who took a piece of furniture that I had donated and had provided the table and chairs that I could stop by any time. These men are very nice and their words were sincere. The only thing I have to say about that exchange is it was awkward. One of these men seemed upset that I did not get his text. He was right I was reading a book and missed his text. He seemed angry about that. I was sure to apologize for not seeing his text on time. To everyone from this church who helped me I am very grateful. What price must I pay for this nice? The friend who called me is also very nice and she was very sincere. Respect however is often missing when people are nice. People can be very nice but that does not mean they respect you. I did not feel respected but I chose not to take this personally. It is not about me it is about them and their perception of their reality. I wonder if that was Jesus in human form as a middle aged single mother how would he have felt in that exchange? Hospitality was lacking and I did not feel welcomed when I stopped by. Though I was told I could stop by the vibes I got were not positive. This has nothing to do with getting a ride or getting fed or getting anything from anyone. More to do with the lack of hospitality that is so rampant these days. I am guilty of forgetting to offer folks something to eat or drink we are all guilty of this at times. I wonder what Jesus would say about my experience today. Jesus would say “Father forgive them they know not what they do.” This is true of all of us to that nice man who helped with the dresser I am very grateful and I am sorry if he did not hear my gratitude. I hope this blog post finds all my followers doing well and I hope you enjoy my latest song on YouTube titled God…I would like to mention that this church is raising funds for a very worthy cause it is to help the poor in another country named Belize so that these poor people can receive much needed medicine to foster healing in their part of the world. It is for this reason I hope to donate more towards this worthy cause next month. The price of the medicine has doubled making doing this good work harder and more expensive. To all my friends and family thank you for being there for me consistently throughout the years. I know it has not always been easy but when it comes to our friends and family nothing is impossible with God…I might add that if it was my garage sale I would have set up a little iced water and lemonade stand or set up an iced bottled water stand. I am sure they have their reasons it could be they are not able or allowed to do that due to rules and regulations. I don’t know all I know is I am glad I stopped by and purchased an inexpensive clothing item. I am glad I did not overreact to that man and the things he said to me. I am grateful I no longer take things personally…