God – The Greatest Grand Master is a song I am writing describing the omnipotence and power of God...When mankind plays with magic(k). They play with fire and know not the damage they do…I hope you enjoy my latest song titled God...


I am the great I am I am the greatest grand master I am one I am God I am

I am Good Orderly Direction I am top Dog when you spell me backwards

I am always on top I am always the boss I am the greatest I am God

I am the best engineer that ever existed I am the only engineer that exists

Ich Bin Du Bist I created all languages I am the great white light God

White light has nothing to do with skin color or race white light is the greatest form of magic(k)

I created all magic(k) I created it all so let me tell you about the Birds and the Bees

The Birds are biomedical engineering and are engineered to sing my praises

The Birds sing my praises so very well I allow them to fly to different places.

My Birds go through phases and go different places such as South for the Winter

And North for the Summer. I do the same for all nature for my butterflies my greatest example of

Metamorphosis the caterpillar to a butterfly oh my there is no competition when dealing with God.

My bees are biomedical engineering and are created to swarm to pollinate my flowers to swarm

To protect their queen bee to swarm to create another morn to pollinate another day another earth

Another rebirth. Every day is a new earth every day is a rebirth every day is a new beginning on earth.

When my bees get mad and get mad I allow they will tell you in no uncertain terms they are not a cow.

When my bees get angry and get angry I allow they will swarm and sting non stop till you bow.

I allow this with my bees to teach mankind a lesson. Don’t mess with God I am the greatest over lord.

The bees you must exterminate for aggression I understand you think this is your land. My bees will return

in another form another morn and I allow their extermination to avoid mankind feeling forlorn.

If the only way you sir will bow If the only way you ma’am or madame will bow is by force of nature?

Then by God I will force nature to force mankind to bow to bend the knee before the great I am.

Nature is my friend until the end and for all ages. I created nature silly false friend. You create

your own false friends through AI Artificial Intelligence and when you do this you play God

That is a dangerous toy a dangerous game to play and when you deploy you play God

I allow your deployments I allow your anointment I allow and allow for you to learn.

I allow these things to teach you lessons sadly many forget there is a God. Now it is nature’s turn

to teach you a lesson. When you corrupt earth and nature nature will turn on you like a rabid beast.

I allow I am God I am the great overlord. I allow for I am the perfect exterminator. I am God and like

Arnold Schwarzenegger I am back. Welcome to the New World Disorder I am God and don’t mess with me.

Aggressive bees are an aggressive species that were corrupted by mortal man via biomedical engineering. The

one you think is human could be other thanks to mortal man’s ability to biomedical engineer human beings.

When you do this you play God when you do this you destroy all that you touch. I am God and it’s my turn now.

To use what you did to teach you life’s lessons there will not be another Armageddon. Why is the word Armageddon so

insecure? It requires a capital A it is so sure an entity in and of itself in a word an entity of death and destruction oh

my word. I God have reduced armageddon to a silly syllable never to do harm while I use what mankind did to teach

you never do harm. Your Hippocratic Oath is so sensitive that they use hypocritical words hippocratic requires a capital H.

No wonder all seems lost today mankind has most certainly lost their way. With nature you do not hold sway I God will

use nature to force my stiff necked people to bow bend the knee and obey the most high God