The featured image for this post is of my dearly departed Grandfather…Grandparents play a very important role it makes me sad to think that not every boy and girl gets a chance to meet their grandparents. My son has never met his grandmother. That is all due to circumstances beyond our control. His grandmother talks to him on the phone on occasion and sends my son occasional cards in the mail. She sent my son a lovely birthday card this year which is greatly appreciated by me. My mother is eighty eight years old and is great at sending cards at her age. In our journeys of eternity our grandparents teach us about aging. That aging is a process we all must go through and as we age that slowing down is a fine thing to do as we grow old. I learned a lot from my grandmother and I vaguely remember my grandfather because he passed away when I was a young child. Our family has their struggles and from what I understand alcohol has been a major problem throughout my lineage as is mental illness. Addictive patterns form quickly in young people and my family is no exception. I am one of eight children and we all formed malformation patterns in our effort to cope growing up in a dysfunctional home environment. I was not taught how to be emotionally available to a soul and as a result my parenting lacks emotional stability. I am working hard on changing this pattern in myself and change is slow and hard at times. I think of my grandparents as I embark on my own personal journey of recovery and change for the better. A day at a time a moment at a time and this helps me as the days and weeks pass by. I dedicate this post to my son who is a very handsome and bright young man with a bright future ahead of him. It is my hope that he will overcome his patterns that he developed as a young man much sooner than I have. We are all on our own unique journey. Thank you for your follows likes and shares and I hope you enjoy my YouTube song titled Lifespan Days

...Lifespan Days