All Things Nice

I find inspiration to write songs from other artists and from living my daily life…I recently encountered a cute cafe called Saints and Sinners…This place has a ton of character and I truly enjoyed their menu…I had to order Father O’Reilly’s Nachos it sounds so wrong it was oh so right…It was delicious a unique blend of chips with shredded brisket, black beans, onions, jalapenos & cheddar cheese, queso, and garlic aioli. Saints and Sinners Cafe advertise themselves as “a fusion of vice and virtue”…Their menu is very creative and entertaining…You can eat like a “Goddess” in the saints portion of the menu or eat like “Uncle Buck” in the sinners portion of their menu…Being from Ireland and with a last name of O’Reilly I had to order Father O’Reilly’s Nachos it was a neutral stance as that option is not listed in either the saints or sinners section of the menu…I figured if what I was doing was a sin father O’Reilly would give me absolution…LMAO…It was very funny…I decided to write a song inspired by Saints and Sinner’s cafe titled All Things Nice

All Things Nice

…Come to the table of all things nice come to the table of sin and spice

Come to the table of all things nice virtue and vice it’s all things nice

Sinner or saint I ain’t sinner or saint I ain’t isn’t it quaint sinner or saint I ain’t

Who cares what you do it’s all good in this neighborhood the menu is pretty

Have a seat pull up a chair and welcome to the table of sin and spice

You’ll think you’re in heaven when you eat the food

You’ll think you left earth the food is so good

Then a little spice hits the palate and all is agreed we are still on earth and much in need

Of a special cafe of sin and spice where everything’s nice

Son of a gun Don’t tell anyone son of a gun Ooh Ooh

I ate Father O’Reilly’s nachos it seemed so wrong but it was oh so right

Father O’Reilly won’t mind he’s not there to care it is oh so right

Who needs absolution when you’re not catholic when you’re neither sinner or saint how quaint

Poor Father O’Reilly would turn in his grave but sure why would he complain cuz sinner or saint I ain’t

Welcome to Texas the state of the lonestar where sin and virtue and spice and all things nice come together at table

Eat the food if you’re able

Who knew Texas was able to get it done son of a gun at Sinners and Saints it’s all nice with a little spice

Father O’Reilly will be alright he has other things to keep him busy cause a catholic lady I am not I am sure by now

Father O’Reilly has since forgotten that at Saint’s and Sinner’s it’s all good when you blend virtue and vice with a little spice…

I felt like I stole Father O’Reilly’s food and it felt so good after all it would have done him no good eating in this neighborhood…

Isn’t it great at sinners and saints to just be yourself without all the judgement of mad men named father who do not have their own sons and daughters…

Beside’s Father O’Reilly’s too fat how about that he needs to lose the weight after all that’s all he does is eat too much and pretend he is God in the name of Jesus oh my lord and scare all the catholic ladies boys and girls who are glad he is no longer around asking for money to support his own sin and vice which is not very nice…

I can’t complain sinner or saint I ain’t that Father O’Reilly’s insane he thinks he’s Jesus and wants to absolve you of his perception of sin and vice forgetting to look to himself that’s not right..

Ah well what the hell I’m eatin Father O’Reilly’s Nachos and there’s not a damn thing he can do about that…

All Things Nice