I decided to use my blog as a creative tool for songwriting…I enjoy writing and lately I have been enjoying writing songs my latest song is titled Orla…Here goes…


Our love is Órla our love is strong our love is Órla now that we get along

Órla is Gaelic beautiful and pure Órla is Irish say nothing more

Órla is strong and can be hard to get along but when she’s in love she stands strong

Órla come here Órla go there Órla come up Órla come down Órla come around the town

Órla Órla Órla she’s his love I’m sure yeah she’s pure and white and all things nice

Órla Órla Órla he calls her name day and night she fell in love with that silly sprite

He’s dark and handsome and full of wit and loves his Órla to bits

She’s crazy though all over the place yet she cannot wait to see his face

Now she calls his name night and day Órla will never be the same

She calls his name night and day now Órla will never be the same

She stays at home she fixes him tea she bends the knee and tries to please

She’s still a tease and ill at ease that’s Órla but she aims to please

Now that he has her he is quite content to pay the rent and not lament

His Órla has returned his love for her still burned and together they became one eternal flame

Their eternal flame shines bright day and night timeless love that comes from above

She drove him insane going down memory lane till he put a stop to that with his eternal flame

Órla is his love she comes from above and now that she’s in love she’ll sing like a dove