Lifespan days

As I go about my days I reflect often on spirituality and on what being spiritual means…I experienced a wonderful encounter with God through reflection recently and thought I would share it with the world…What I say here is not unheard of and I am sure I won’t be the first or last to say it…We enter the world as innocent babies as such we enter the world in the most pure angelic form…Babies are innocent and must learn many things and over a fairly short span of time babies grow fast and learn a lot…The baby cries to get his or her needs meet and that is how the parent knows to care for the baby…A fussy baby alerts the parent to the task at hand is it a diaper that needs changing? Is the baby hungry? Or is the baby thirsty? Or does the baby need to be burped? The list is fairly basic and yes babies love to be held…There are nine choirs of Angels in Heaven and I am no expert on the angelic realm but I was reflecting on the human life span…We start out holy and pure as the driven white snow…Then we grow up to become like angels or devils based on choices made…Some folks do not believe in God or in a heaven or a hell and some people believe that earth is already like heaven or hell depending on choices made…Others like myself believe that earth is a place between heaven and hell a testing ground to produce angelic human beings or devil human beings…Throughout the life span we are constantly learning so the human child is on a continuum of learning from a very early age…Around the age of seven is when many believe the human child reaches the age of reason…The ability to reason and think for oneself…School helps with the learning process I am left handed but in the schools I attended in Ireland I was forced to write with my right hand because in Irish schools conformity was God…All the children had to conform our uniform in secondary school was a part of that conformity…I loved my uniform because it meant I did not have to think about what to wear day in day out which suited me fine…I was a bright student and did fairly well in school…Many of us finish school and like myself go off to colleges and universities to further our studies…I did that and obtained a four year degree in Business Administration with a minor in Economics…I then did two years of nursing school and computer science…Others learn a trade and go on to do very well in their trade and some learn nothing yet manage to do very well based on their ability to work hard in their chosen line of work…By saying they learn nothing sounds rude I mean they already know what they want to do so they do not need to learn more and they often succeed and do very well in life doing what they love to do…The more I learn the more I realize that I in fact know nothing…I know very little myself so I include myself in the folks who learn nothing and know nothing I consider myself the same…I was reflecting on how I spend my days and if you think of it this way the scriptures say we are to be childlike if we want to make it to heaven…In the morning when we arise we are like the new born child except we are now grown but we need to stretch our limbs move about go to the bathroom have breakfast or get our morning exercise depending on preferences and then we start our day…We go to work or on the weekend or our days off we rest and do things we love…For many of us myself included the afternoon comes along and we are tired and need a nap as such we are like babies as babies often need two naps a day for a time then one nap a day until they are bigger…For many of us who work we often have to fight the urge to nap and instead opt for a cup of coffee for a pick me up or a brief walk to get fresh air or stretches or some activity to keep us alert…For those who are able to we take that nap many call these power naps and they do wonders…I do take a nap when I can…Another thing I love to do is called grounding where I simply go outside in my bare feet and experience the earth beneath my bare feet it is very invigorating and refreshing to do…I did that this morning…As the business day comes to a close or our work day ends or our day off ends we prepare for the evening having had our lunch and dinner we now must return to a state of rest…So at bed time which differs for people around the world depending on if you work night shifts or other odd hours whatever that time of rest is for you that is your life span day…I call my day a life span day because our days are very much like life spans and how we spend our days really matters…At bed time many of us say our prayers or reflect some like to read a good book or do some activity that relaxes us to prepare for sleep…Some folks take medication to help with sleep…Sleep is very important it is vital that we get good sleep so whatever it takes for you to be relaxed enough to sleep then do that…We lie down in our beds close our eyes and like a baby we sleep hopefully a very peaceful restful sleep…Sadly many of us do not always get good sleep and many suffer from insomnia which can be hard to deal with…The lifespan day is more of a spiritual outlook on how we spend our days which feed our lifespans…In the morning we arise in the evening we rest…I will share more scriptures with you that I am enjoying singing with this post along with some meditations that I find helpful in learning to stay calm throughout my days and ensuring I get good rest at night…I am allowed coffee only in the mornings if I do not have my coffee by afternoon I opt for tea or water…I cut soda out of my life and yes I still have an occasional soda but not near as much as I once did…I find that reducing the sugar in my diet and eating more responsibly also helps me to get good sleep…Sugar can keep us up if we eat too much sugar and junk foods…Diet is also very important to our lifespan days…I love to write songs and sing so my latest song is titled Lifespan Days…It goes like this…

Lifespan Days

“…In the morning we arise like newborn babes we stretch our limbs and we say a prayer

We go through a routine as we face the day come what may we must face the day

Daybreak sunrise sunset daybreak sunrise sunset daybreak sunrise sunset

We live our lifespan days

The world is at war we are not ok the world is a flower we smell today

The flower we smell tells us we are ok but the world is at war today

We live we live our lifespan days whether or not we are ok

In the afternoon we brood we get our lunch and we check our mood

We drink the coffee we drink the tea we drink lemon water but forgot the fabreeze

Our thoughts go round and round we drive home to walk the dog always in a hurry don’t hit that lorry

Then mid afternoon hits us like a ton of bricks

we are tired and need a nap a nap a nap we are tired and we need a bloody nap

But there’s work to be done I think about my son there’s work to be done said atilla the hun

We take our power naps we take our power naps

or we plough through the day a laborer with no rest

Is this a test if it’s a test where are the teachers? and where are the keepers?

We are tired lonely and bored we need a nap we need a nap who said we are grown up

We are like children living our lifespan days

Then evening comes we must get rest after we put the children to bed we sleep our lifespan away away

It’s bed time oh my so we pray and thank God for the day lay our heads to rest

We cannot sleep too many deadlines to meet did I forget something today

We cannot rest is this a test where are the teachers? Where are the keepers?

We think our lifespan away away we think our lifespan away

Day in day out we go through the same clock tik tok tik tok goes the clock…

Reliving our lifespan days day after day we relive and relive we got no relief where is the chief?

We relive our lifespan days…”

…Lifespan Days…
…The First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians – all 16 chapters…
…Second Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians – A WIP – Work In Progress…

….I find the mantra very helpful it’s repetitive nature is very soothing…