The four versions – a reflection

I completed Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which are the four versions of the story of Jesus Christ in the holy bible…Douay-Rheims is the bible of my choice for the singing of holy scriptures…There are times I chant and recite the scriptures which is a form of prayer…I am not perfect neither am I the best at singing but I enjoy doing this as a hobby…I find it very fulfilling and I find that I become more enlightened along the way…I will share all four versions in song with this post…Thank you for your follows likes and shares and have a blessed day and a wonderful Christmas…As we approach this Christmas season may we all be filled with the Holy Spirit and blessings with no doubt in our hearts and minds that Jesus lived and died and rose again and reigns in our hearts and minds forever and is always with us through the Holy Spirit…

Matthew – Full Playlist
Mark – Full Playlist
Luke – Full Playlist…
John – Full Playlist

…The compilation of the four versions in one section titled Holy Scriptures full playlist

The Holy Scriptures – Playlist