When we hurt – a reflection

When we hurt inside it is difficult to have a big heart and to forgive when we are broken and hurt inside…Hence the notion that hurting people hurt other people…When our fight or flight response system is activated it is even more difficult to be reasonable and forgiving towards those who hurt us due to the fact that we are broken inside…I speak for myself when I say this because that would describe me…I was broken inside for many years and when my fight or flight response system is activated I can be very difficult to deal with due to fear and anger that was bottled up over the years…I found a way to let all of this hurt and outrage go because at the end of the day I was hurting my family and myself…I was stuck in a vicious cycle of anger and fear…I do not have all the answers but now that I am seeing the light of the error of my ways the least I can do is remedy and so to remedy I live a very simple life and pray for others every day…I pray for my family every day to remedy for things I did wrong…I am not perfect which is why I allow for small corrections when I sing sacred scriptures…I will sometimes repeat a line or sentence to correct small errors to show the world I am not perfect…I hope you enjoy Matthew and Mark and Luke which is a work in progress and my growing chants playlist…I hope you have a blessed and productive day and thank you for your follows likes and shares…

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